Year of Deductions: January

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to hear Rick Rekedal speak. Rick is the former Chief Creative of Global Franchises for Dreamworks Animation and a truly inspiring guy. He was involved in creating some really cool movies such as Shrek, Prince of Egypt, Madagascar, KungFu Panda, How To Train Your Dragon, and so on. His main role in the creation of these movies was to identify what each movie stood for and how they stood for it. This called for tons of market research on the target audience to see what the hot topic was, what that generation was struggling with, and how they can center the movie around it. One of the many brilliant things he had to share was what he found to be the most important thing to millennials and younger generations on a daily basis. Any guesses? The newest generation just wants to share their day.

So, welcome to my first blog.

I’m trying something new this year. I’ve deemed this the “Year of Deductions.” Each month, I will eliminate something from my life for the span of that month. Once the month is over, I’ll reintroduce it to my life if and how I see fit.

January: TV

I’m on Day 25 of my TV-cleanse, and I can honestly say it’s been quite refreshing. Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t even watch a ton of TV (unless we’re counting Gilmore Girls, in which case, maybe I do). But somehow, taking this tiny part of my day out of my life has still been very impactful.

How it’s affected me: Everything is enhanced.

Before January, if I were home alone for a meal, I would fix my plate and take it to the living room to watch part of a show while I ate. Now, I sit at the table in silence and eat. At first, I grabbed my phone to check Instagram, Pinterest, the weather… but I was constantly setting it down to eat, cause it’s difficult to do both of those at the same time. Eventually, I became comfortable with just simply eating. After a few days of this, I felt the need to spice things up a bit (pun intended), so I got creative in the kitchen. On days I had time to cook, I was trying new recipes and getting crafty. After taking my time to cook a meal and sitting down at the table without distractions, every bite was delicious.
No TV = Better food.

I’m an introvert and honestly love being alone. I could do it for days and be totally fine. After a long day of critical thinking, all I want to do is come home and numb out to TV. And that’s what I did before January! Nothing was forcing me to reject my introverted tendencies. Now, if I’ve had a long day of thinking, there’s not much I can do to numb out at home besides read or listen to music. And let’s be honest, neither are numbing out for me. Reading requires brainwork and if music is playing, I’m analyzing it. So, I began socializing more. Instead of going home after a long day, I’d find a friend to meet up with to eat, go on a walk, or just hang. If my roommate was home, we’d pour a drink, put a record on, and just talk. We’ve already gotten way closer after just 25 days.
No TV = Better conversation.

The most surprising discovery from this deduction is the sense of freedom I feel. This one is harder to explain, but you just don’t realize how much space something occupies until it’s removed. TV is crafted to pull us in and involve our hearts and minds at maximum capacity. It’s truly amazing! The creators have a gift. I think there are many valid viewpoints on this subject, but mine is shaping up to be this: TV is a false reality that can pull us in and alter our view of the world, people, and happiness without us even knowing. I know that many people now days will argue the inspirational and educational side of TV, which is valid, but for me personally, I feel lighter without TV. There’s a noticeable weight lifted from deducting TV, and the space it occupied has been filled with only positive additions.
No TV = Weight lifted.

Starting Feb. 1, I get to decide whether or not to integrate this deduction back into my life. I still have one week to decide, but I’m leaning towards keeping it out. If I do incorporate it back in, it’ll be in moderation.


Hey, thanks for reading this. I hope it was worth your time. Join me on some deductions! It’s fun, sort of.



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